Pooling & Renting of plastic pallets or IBCs


Pooling is necessary for green logistics!  Please read further, contact us and let’s get inspired…




By having more companies using CLD assets, asset pooling reduces each company’s supply chain costs such as transport costs, quality issues and the stress of managing assets.  Asset pooling is seen as a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to ship goods because sharing asset trips reduces carbon emissions, improves availability and meets the need for improved hygiene.

Pooling of equipment is used in many different industries to always have “ready for use” equipment available. Damaged or dirty equipment is repaired and cleaned, missing or broken equipment is replaced with an identical piece of equipment from the pool to make sure all pool participants can continue to work together on a pay per use basis. Pooling is sharing resources and saving CO2, with a Plastic pallet pooling company that orchestrates and solves the availability challenges.

At Contraload the full pooling service consists out of the following elements:
• Delivery of the agreed quantity at the agreed locations
• Rent of the quality asset for the time you use it
• Collection of the agreed quantity at the agreed locations
• Cleaning and inspection of the asset after every collection
• Replacement/Repair of broken parts or assets
• Tracking and tracing the assets pro-actively
• Regular audits to make sure losses can be prevented

Elements can be added or taken out to adapt our service to the needs of our Customers



Renting, also known as hiring, is an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of goods, services or property owned by another. (WIKIPEDIA)


In addition to pooling we also offer short and long term rental solutions with additional services such as pooling and cleaning where needed. The big advantage of renting is that you invest in your core business and keep your CAPEX for the projects that add value to your product.

Usually rent is chosen for assets that are used in a closed loop or within a factory and by companies that prefer opex over capex when it comes to these type of assets.


Reasons for renting

  • You may not wish to invest in pallets or IBCs (load carriers)
  • You need pallets or IBCs only temporarily
  • You want to avoid the burden of inspecting, repairing, cleaning and retrieving the pallets or IBCs
  • You don’t need to worry about the lifespan of the pallets or IBCs
  • Renting keeps your debt off the balance sheet
  • Renting from CLD is better for the environment as load carriers are used more efficiently by sharing.


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